Recipe: Zucchini And Potatoes

By matej košir  /  18.7.2016
Recipe is appropriate as a lunch for babies between 4 and 6 months of age. Ingredients for a 30 to...
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Food Allergies

By matej košir  /  18.7.2016
Immediately after the birth the baby's immune system is not entirely developed. If the baby's partners or close relatives have...
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Bottle Or Spoon Feeding

By matej košir  /  30.5.2016
Bottle feeding When bottle-feeding your baby always hold it in your hands. Do not lay the baby on the floor,...
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The First Froc

By matej košir  /  22.3.2016
As so many ideas before, this one too, was born out of necessity. When we couldn't find a highchair on...
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