The First Froc

As so many ideas before, this one too, was born out of necessity. When we couldn’t find a highchair on the market we liked, we’ve decided to build one themselves. We set out to develop an adjustable, wooden, practical highchair, that would fit in our home. Majority of wooden highchairs based on 40 years old design. Froc chair wanted to be unique, practical and attractive, more suitable for modern style of living.

It turned out combining our parenting and wood making experience with the designers’ expertise was an excellent move.

After two years of development, we have developed the first Froc chair and immediately we received an award for the most innovative baby high chair.

Following functionality driven design paradigm we put a lot of effort to make Froc visually appealing. Modern parents are design conscious and will appreciate awarded Froc design. Froc is all natural, made from premium beech wood.

 Froc vision

We want to develop a line of unique children furniture (cradle, bouncer, nursery etc.) with accommodating line of accessories unique for its modern design and smart functionalities.