Our Story

Froc is a family company that creates thoughtfully designed products.


Matej had the idea for a fully adaptable highchair soon after the birth of his older son Taj. How did this happen? After he in his wife Maruša had failed to find a proper fully-adaptable, modern, wooden highchair on the market they’d want to have for their kids, Matej set out to develop one himself.

Being based in Slovenia, Europe’s third most forested country and already having a wood manufacturing business. Soon after the launch, Froc received the first awards and, more importantly, Matej’s second born daughter Kiara got a pretty pink Froc chair just for herself.

About Us

We are a family company based in Slovenia, EU (before you go check the map – it’s a rather nice, green stretch of land near Italy, Austria and Croatia that is a hit among tourists & travellers).
As more than 50% of our country is covered with forests and the region we come from boasts a centuries old tradition of wood making artisans and craftsmen, it’s not surprising we’ve got involved in wood-making and developing all-natural products made of wood.
By combining our inspiration from high-quality, functional craftsmanship and drawing from our parenting experience, our vision is to create products that make life easier for parents and full of joy for kids.

For all inquiries, please contact hi@frocrock.com