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Food Allergies

Immediately after the birth the baby’s immune system is not entirely developed. If the baby’s partners or close relatives have any of the allergies (like eczema or asthma), the baby will most likely have increased sensitivity to some foods, if they are introduced too early.


A food allergy is an excessive reaction of the immune system to a certain ingredient in the food. The foods which most commonly trigger an allergic reactions are eggs, nuts, sesame seed, soy, wheat, fish, shellfish and dairy. In the first year of life the child should not consume eggs; after this age they should be introduced gradually. In the beginning offer a quarter of hardboiled egg, the next time a half, and then a whole egg. Always begin with a hardboiled egg instead of a scrambled one. Many children are sensitive to nuts and sesame seed.

It is best to wait with them until the age of 3 and then introduce them gradually. Since numerous prepared foods contain different nuts, seeds and oils, carefully read the food labels, especially if the child has food allergies. Introduce fish around the age of 9 months, and make sure to remove all bones. Shellfish can be introduced after 2 years of age.